100+ Snake Tattoo Designs & Meanings for Women 2021

People get tattoos for many reasons. While some people get tattooed for any reason or organization to show their affiliations, others often get tattoos to express their love for their family members or religion. Today, snakes are the most popular tattoo choice for people who value strength, healing, and ancient culture. As more people appreciate the natural beauty of snakes, tattoos of these creatures will increase.

Snakes are both feminine and masculine, so they can be designed for both women and men. The duality of this symbol is truly fascinating. Although most people consider this creature to be evil and sinful, few people, for example in Africa, know its sacredness. The serpent only became known through the Christian belief in Eve and the apple. But many cultures see it the other way around. The most common meanings of the serpent are birth, magic, occultation, renewal, mystery, defense, protection, transition, infinity, sex, fertility and transformation.

To get inspired and get creative, check out this collection of 100+ types of the best snake tattoo designs for women. From lifelike snakes to folklore, traditional ink and abstract artwork, there are plenty of tattoo designs that can bring your next work to life.

1. Black Snake Tattoo

Black Snake Tattoo 2
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