26 Cute Coffin Nails Designs For Your Summer Manicure 2019

If you have ever thought that the nail world only has two shapes (round or square) and two lengths (short or long), the nails have clearly taken a turn in almond nails and ballerinas in recent years with the creation of high heel nails.

Coffin nails became popular in the early 1990s and have not yet lost their exclusive appeal. This special nail shape often resembles a coffin. However, this does not make it any less attractive. To get a perfect box shape, you have to grow long nails. The shape of the dancer does not look impressive on short nails, but you can still do it.

Coffin nails are the latest trend. They are refined, elegant and elegant, and all modern women want them today. What we appreciate most in this style is the innovative aspect. The know-how of each model is unique and original. More and more women wear nails as jewelry. A lot of work is involved and the artists who make pareo nails are experienced and meticulous. Here are 50 nail tips for sarong that will surprise you.

Source: Instagram @mimis_nailbar
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