27 Biggest Nail Trends of Autumm 2019

With August the summer disappears quickly between our fingers. Use the latest trends in manicure and nail pedicure before the beginning of September and the beginning of autumn. Read on to discover the biggest nail trends you need to know this summer.

Nail colors are constantly evolving, because industrial actors (behind the scenes and in front of the camera) can be inspired by the most diverse places. Nail art has been around for a while and classics such as nude, red and cream manicure are presented in Vogue.

There are many great ideas for nail polish that can be literally produced. Your job is to choose the one that fits your preferences and personal choices. Gradients or gradients are an important way to make the most of your favorite colors. If you don’t have enough time to offer different textures and designs, use a light nail polish. Ask for the colors of the rainbow and if you really want your nails to leave an impression, add strands, feathers or beads.

Source: Instagram @labeau_nail
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