29 Gorgeous Nails Ideas for This Winter

Feel free to combine every element of these drawings. Gem accent nails can be added to any manicure. If a glossy top coat is not clear enough, try a holographic top coat on the chosen nail polish to create your own interpretation of these great ideas.

You can choose the bright color you want to complete your nails. Peas, heart-shaped ribbons that take your nail design to the next level. It is also a good idea to have black and white nails if you want to try something classic and formal. Moreover, he finds it very interesting and entertaining to make nails to meet his friends or daughters, which means that wasting time was really a good idea for us.

Nails have long been an essential measure of beauty and style. With a little nail polish and great creative energy you can give your nails an exceptionally beautiful and striking look. If you want to be a glamorous queen, choose ‘beauties’ in these beautiful nail designs and feel that no spirit is as colorful as you.

Source: Instagram @nailsby_sladja
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