32 Latest Short Hairstyles That You Simply Can’t Miss

Short haircut is not the same as short haircut: the classic style is not for everyone. The most modern version of the Mecki breakwater (the longer fringes are drawn in a triangle on straight hair) is favored by younger men and offers many creative possibilities: the pony party can be designed with more flexibility, depending on the occasion.

Starting with the part of the left fringe on the individual side, we continue with the tattoo or the hairstyle, everyone uses his hair the way he wants. Girls, on the other hand, tend to have long hair, but on the surface they make a difference between the sexes, at least among the younger ones.

Short hair is more than a trend. It is practically a way of life! Ready for release? Let yourself be carried away by these famous parts of elves, bobs, praise and much more. Even if you only go up a few centimeters, you feel like a completely new woman.

Platinum pixies
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