34 Cool Pixie Haircuts for Short Hair You Can’t Miss

A pixie hairstyle is the embodiment of the classic short hairstyle. This is an option for short hairstyles, because Jeanne d’Arc and celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn or Emma Watson have taken the elegant little hairstyle with an impressive style. We would all lie if we didn’t give in at some point (probably when we were fighting on a hot summer day with a hair dryer and a hair dryer), we were playing with the idea of ​​cutting a gnome.

A pixie cut is always in fashion! Because more and more customers want to do everything, we will tell you everything you (and your customers) need to know about a leprechaun haircut. From adapting a pixie to each face shape and how to comb it to the growth of a pixie, read on for more information!

Pixie hairstyles have always existed, I call them RN: they will be legitimate everywhere this fall, especially as many celebrities cut their hair for some time. I can be a bit partial, but I think there is something very sexy and industrial that challenges short hair, and there is no better time than the start of a new season to try something new.

Source: Instagram @pixiepalooza
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