35 Amazing Nails Designs That Will Inspire You

November. It is cloudy, it is cold and it is mehhh. What we need are small sparks of joy to infiltrate our day. Nothing serious, just small things such as tea bags from your favorite drink by hand or a playlist with your most atmospheric songs from your phone.

The design of gel nails has increased and has become one of the most popular applications of artificial nails. You can choose from a variety of nail designs, including simple and unobtrusive patterns that exude classic elegance, or trendy high-voltage colors and shapes that appeal to their tips.

But thanks to the nail artists and nail polish brands who share their latest manicures on Instagram, there is a whole world of winter nail designs that inspire you every time you paint your nails this season with patterns that you can easily create.

Source: Instagram @deny.nails_76
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