36 Cute Nail Designs for Long Nails 2019-2020

Are you looking for nail designs and artworks that you can use at work? Maybe you have always used the same color or cut your nails for the same length and want to change things, but you worry about what your nails can say in the workplace.

Nails have been a problem for many women around the world. It is not surprising that Hollywood models and stars use all sorts of nail enhancements from the start. If you don’t have perfect nails, you don’t have to worry anymore. Artificial nail extensions are a great idea to hide boring nails.

Compared to short nails, patterns for long nails are ideal for special occasions. A perfect nail design can complement your glamorous evening dresses. It is also fantastic to have paints in different colors on the nails. If you don’t like these vibrant colors, classic black and white nails are a safe option for any occasion. Today in this article, let’s look at these beautiful patterns for long nails!

Source: Instagram @christine_thenailgawd
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