36 Cute Pointy Nails Designs To Inspire You

Pointy nails are undoubtedly brave. Toenails are also called heel nails or claws. It is a sensation and is used by most celebrities such as Rihanna and Adele. If you want your finger to look longer and thinner, choose this nail shape. It is worth trying this trend, but it is also the weakest nail shape. It is usually made with acrylic or gel nails to prevent damage to natural nails.

Pointy nails are one of the essential forms of nails. The manicure with the long pointed tip is ideal for those who want to try something daring. We love this modern look and have found 36 of the best models of pointy nails. When you think of pointy nails, first think that they are very popular nowadays. Many avant-garde celebrities wear this modern look. So why wouldn’t you try it?

The fact is that you have your nails, and we don’t exaggerate here, the tighter your nails, the better. It is also erroneously assumed that you need very long nails to subtract this shape, but there are also nails of an average level, depending on your preference. With stiletto nails on natural nails you can always grow your nails or choose to use gels or acrylic paint. This is the time to share new ideas to design your claws!

bomb nails
Source: Instagram @nnails_feed
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