37 Cool Short Hairstyles for an Great Look

Short hair looks extremely sweet, lasts for years and makes you a few years younger. And if you didn’t know, hairstyles with short hair are now very popular. From celebrities to parade trends and influential people on social networks, you will find that many people have quickly joined the movement of short hair.

In short, that is the norm of the season and what better than to specify a size in pixie. These are cute hairstyles that are suitable for both young people and adults. The back is very short, while the front is longer and is marked with a clear shadow. Typical colors for reflections are blonde or shades of gray. Therefore, if you have the courage to make a bold shadow, continue without hesitation.

Looking for a new chic and sexy? Try a bold short cut! This is a serious jump, but a short style can give you the new look you are looking for. If you think that short hairstyles are masculine for women, think again. Short styles are not just for grandmothers and dreamy girls. Everyone can get it with the right cut. Seriously, even you can. It’s about finding the right cut for you.

short haircut
Source: Instagram @makarela.stylist
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