39 Most Inspiring Tattoo Ideas for First-Timers

Coloring body art is probably one of the best ways to express yourself, whether it’s a drawing to remember your previous beliefs or tricks, or a minimal tattoo full of deep meanings. No tattoo design is useless or ugly because there is always something bigger behind it.

It is true that some timeless designs can be considered as clich├ęs, although I personally would not consider them the basis. Roses, pigeons and tattoos of literary texts are common, but no design should look exactly the same. His ideas, combined with the vision of his tattoo artist, generally result in a unique work of art, even if he is not the only one with an anchor on his skin.

When it comes to tattoo trends, the little one is the right way right now. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Roman figure or a flower, everyone from A-chokes to BFFs likes mini-colors. Here are some inspirations from some of our favorite stars for your next act.

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