39 Nail Art Designs That Look Great On Short Nails

Do you need inspiration to design your nails for your short nails? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Elegant and fun nail designs are not only for long nails, we guarantee it! If you are someone who will never succumb to the acrylic nail mermaid song, a nail bite, or if you are cursed with weak nails that just don’t grow, no matter how many lawyers you eat, don’t worry.

You may think that short nails do not have enough room for the elaborate nail designs of your dreams, but when we delve into Instagram this weekend, we find many options. Some of our favorite painted looks are designed for even the shortest selection of manicures.

Certain nail designs seem to work almost better for a shorter length than for a long one. Don’t believe us We have searched the internet for 16 of the most striking short nail designs we’ve seen, and we were successful.

Nail Art Designs That Look Great On Short Nails-01
Source: Instagram @_nailsat23_
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