39 Stunning Trendiest Pixie Cuts for a New Look

Pixie hairstyles exploded when Twiggy, a 1960s cult model, cut her hair. The problem with this hairstyle for women? Her hair was straight. Many people think you have to be twiggy (or maybe Natalie Portman) to wear this cute hairstyle, but honestly, this style can be flattering overall.

Pixie haircuts are a great option for women who want to spend less time and money on styling. However, they may not be the best option for women who appreciate the versatility of creating different looks with longer hair.

With a few unusual examples, you will find a short haircut that suits you, with different uneven pixie cuts, layered pixies, short pixie cuts, long haircuts and much more.

Stunning Trendiest Pixie Cuts for a New Look 01
Source: Instagram @africa.glo
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