40 Cool Waterfall Nails for Summer 2020

Waterfall Nail Art is a simple yet beautiful design. To create cascading nails, ribbons of different colors are painted from the base of the nail to the tip with a nail polish remover or a fine brush. Or with inverted nails that run from the tip of the nail to the base.

Waterfalls and water features are more than just a beautiful aesthetic for your landscape. They are a calm and impressive addition that will add atmosphere to your outdoor space. Large or small water droplets make your garden more spacious and attract beneficial birds and insects (such as butterflies and other pollinators).

Some of these falls are easily accessible via a short hike, while others require a bit more planning and a decent hike. Make sure to visit our favorite swimming spots when you are ready to head back to the coast.

Cool Waterfall Nails for Summer 2020 01
Source: Instagram @crackersaboutlacquers
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