40 Trendy Small Tattoo For Women 2020

Tattoo is an art form, a way of expressing yourself, something that makes fantasies play out. Ever wondered how important this delicate little butterfly is to a girl’s shoulder or hip?

The main principle of a tattoo is that it must retain a certain meaning. Tattoos allow you to express your love for someone, record a test you passed, or it means happiness and luck.

Small tattoos are the best (and most discreet) way to expand your ink collection, not to mention the prettiest. Whether it’s a small heart on the wrist, a single-needle engraving on the back of the elbow or a miniature ink on the ribs, a small tattoo collection is the most popular tattoo trend of 2020.

Trendy Small Tattoo For Women 2020 01
Source: Instagram @_torrestattoo_
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