47 Cool Skull Tattoo Designs for Women in 2021

Have you ever thought of hitting your skull? Well, the idea of ​​these glamorous skull tattoos will definitely force you. When you see a skull tattoo, the first thing you usually click on your head is that the person with the tattoo is going through a dark phase. What most of you don’t know is that skulls mean more than death, especially when there are other items like roses and tattoos attached to them.

Skull tattoos have become very common. Images of skulls were first used by pirates centuries ago, between the 18th and 19th centuries. Skeletons were long considered containers for the soul or wisdom of the ancestors. Therefore, this symbol can be used not only as a symbol of death, but only as a symbol of rebirth that symbolizes eternal life. In some cultures, death is not considered the end of life. They believe that the spirits of the dead affect the living members of the family.

There are several of these combinations that can inspire your tattoo idea when choosing a skull tattoo, be it on the arms, back, chest, etc. This combination can inspire your idea of ​​a skull tattoo when you get a skull tattoo on your arms, back, chest, etc. Another idea is that you can get a skull sleeve tattoo. On your arm, you can combine skulls and ravens to convey a completely different symbolic meaning.

1. Abdomen Skull Tattoo

Abdomen Skull Tattoo
Source: @flyrosetattoo

2. Arm Skull Tattoo

Arm Skull Tattoo
Source: @aleejandromeneses

3. Arm Tattoos Design

Arm Tattoos Design
Source: @lucybethantattoos

4. Black and Grey Tattoo

Black and Grey Tattoo 2
Source: @boxcar_ronin

5. Black Skull Tattoo

Black Skull Tattoo
Source: @jairontattoo

6. Blue Skull Tattoo

Blue Skull Tattoo
Source: @moobuttabean

7. Cactus and Skull

Cactus and Skull
Source: @rachbitestattoo

8. Fine Line Skull

Fine Line Skull
Source: @briannachtwn

9. Flower and Skull Tattoo

Flower and Skull Tattoo
Source: @ninaalgroy

10. Old Lady Skull Tattoo

Old Lady Skull Tattoo
Source: @stigmatatuagens

11. Red Skull

Red Skull
Source: @kiiingcrybaby

12. Skull and Flowers

Skull and Flowers
Source: @peachtreetattoo

13. Skull Tattoo on Hand

Skull Tattoo on Hand
Source: @prometheustattoostudio

14. Small Skull Tattoo

Small Skull Tattoo
Source: @silviieee

15. Black and Grey Tattoo

Black and Grey Tattoo 3
Source: @luna_inked

16. Color Skull Tattoo

Color Skull Tattoo
Source: @shop53tattoostudio

17. Dance Skull Tattoo

Dance Skull Tattoo
Source: @hattori_tattooer

18. Draw Skull Tattoo

Draw Skull Tattoo
Source: @ap.silencio

19. Hand Skull Tattoo

Hand Skull Tattoo
Source: @tivas

20. Hands Tattoo

Hands Tattoo
Source: @layneart99

21. Line Work Skull Tattoo

Line Work Skull Tattoo
Source: @charlotteprestontattoo

22. Love Death

Love Death
Source: @ramonrobertto

23. Skull Tattoo 2021

Skull Tattoo 2021
Source: @zajawatattoo_wro

24. Small Skull Tattoo

Small Skull Tattoo 1
Source: @wlsink_

25. Small Tattoo Design

Small Tattoo Design
Source: @caceres.art

26. Tattoo Design

Tattoo Design
Source: @andressa.obsidian

27. Cactus and Skull

Cactus and Skull 1
Source: @andychavezj

28. Cartoon Skull Tattoo

Cartoon Skull Tattoo
Source: @da_clement

29. Crystal Skull Tattoo

Crystal Skull Tattoo
Source: @tattoos_by_compton

30. Little Black and Gray Skul

Little Black and Gray Skull
Source: @lineageneedles

31. Mexico Skull Tattoo

Mexico Skull Tattoo
Source: @puentenegrotattoo

32. Rose and Skull Tattoo

Rose and Skull Tattoo
Source: @sombres_jours

33. Sand Skull Tattoo

Sand Skull Tattoo
Source: @sanctum.tattoo

34. Sexy Skul Tattoo

Sexy Skul Tattoo
Source: @jimystattoo

35. Skull Tattoo

Skull Tattoo
Source: @vickaink

36. Stipple Tattoo

Stipple Tattoo
Source: @_kellidonegan

37. Arm Tattoo

Arm Tattoo
Source: @kingatattoos

38. Bird Skull Flower Tattoo

Bird Skull Flower Tattoo
Source: @zaktats

39. Fine Line Skull

Fine Line Skull 1
Source: @lefeverish

40. Half Skull Tattoo

Half Skull Tattoo
Source: @hbimoraestattoo

41. Skull Tattoo

Skull Tattoo 2
Source: @wonderland_tattoo_legnica

42. Skull Tattoo 2021

Skull Tattoo 2021 1
Source: @daisyhestertattoo

43. Skull Tattoo

Skull Tattoo
Source: @arte_invictus

44. Skull Thigh Tattoo

Skull Thigh Tattoo
Source: @loveluckcats

45. Small Tattoo

Small Tattoo
Source: @sziszi_cc

46. Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Ideas
Source: @joachimsanders_

47. Tiny Skull

Tiny Skull
Source: @alejandrahernandx