49 Pretty Short Haircuts for Women to Look Smart and Dashing

Short hairstyles for girls are completely crazy in 2020! For us this means a more manageable and elegant touch of our wonderfully luxurious locks. Although all heels are the only thing girls have to deal with, these avant-garde and beautiful hairstyles let go!

If you want to express your unique personality and show how different you can be, short hairstyles come into play. Some looks are so timeless that even celebrities can’t do anything about it, but you’ll see them all! A short haircut for a woman is unexpected and shows her features in a way that long hair simply cannot. Short hair is liberating, light and makes you stand out.

Short hair is so playful that there are interesting ways to comb it. Whether it is for work, an informal meeting or a party, you can create a striking appearance with short hair. If you are in a hurry, it seems better to have shorter hair. No brushing hours, no advanced style. Instead, it is usually very easy to leave the house.

Source: Instagram @shorthairstyle__
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