5 Healthy Lunch Ideas with Hummus

Today I’m showing you five great ways to fill your lunchbox by using hummus.

Let’s get started with one of my favorite wraps. This hummus turkey wrap is easy to make, by spreading on some hummus onto a tortilla, topping it with some matchstick carrots, some greens, and then, to hold everything down, some sliced turkey. Let’s fold in the sides, roll the wrap, and slice it in half. It’s super fast! In the lunchbox, with some additional veggies and fruit.

hummus turkey wrap

Now for something a little different: hummus-stuffed avocados. This lunch has loads of healthy fats and protein, making it the perfect meal to keep you satiated all afternoon. Let’s add some fruit and plantain chips, delicious meal is done.

Next up is a delicious hummus veggie club sandwich. To build this club sandwich, you simply need some hummus, pesto, and by the way, this is the perfect way to use a jar of pesto you’ve been having in your fridge. Add some cheese and sliced tomatoes. This is so colorful and easy to make. And with all these delicious flavors, it’s so hard to resist. In the lunchbox it goes with some fresh veggies and fruit. All you have to do is add some hummus in the medium compartment of your lunchbox, and then include lots of toppings. You can using some silicone muffin liners to divide this large section, and add olives, feta cheese, and cucumber slices. The final touch is to add some pita slices.

hummus veggie club sandwich


And finally, if you still have hummus left in your container, you can use it to make salad dressing. All you have to do is squeeze some lemon juice and add water a tablespoon at a time until you achieve the desired dressing consistency you like. I have a simple salad with turkey and additional veggies here, and all I’m going to do is add the dressing in this small lidded container and pack it in the lunchbox. This dressing is super easy to make and it already has all the flavors and seasonings you love.