50+ Elegant Flower Tattoo Designs for Women that Will Inspire You

As a kind of expression of the feminine temperament, the flower is a popular choice for tattoo design, especially for women. The flowers on the ankles can be very beautiful and attractive. Flower tattoos are so popular not only because of their striking appearance but also because of their symbolic meaning. Different flowers have different properties and contain different information.

Models are increasingly popular. Color, design, position and size are chosen to reflect different personal meanings depending on where they are inked. This tattoo is an innovative design that represents the meaning or position of the body. Traditionally, flowers have been used in a variety of ways to visually express love, friendship, gratitude, and memory.

If you want your tattoo to make sense and represent something meaningful, then you should go for flower tattoo ideas. You are beautiful, small and feminine. They also give an idea of ​​the history of flowers and tattoos. So you need a flower tattoo that resonates with you, your life and the journey of experience.

Flower tattoos have never gone out of style making them great body art. We love flower tattoos and have found 50+ beautiful and unique designs. Check them and be inspired!

1. Botanical Tattoo

Botanical Tattoo
Source: @mhxbones

2. Color Flower Tattoo

Color Flower Tattoo
Source: @brklyn.w

3. Cute Flower Tattoo

Cute Flower Tattoo
Source: @sop_tattoo

4. Flower Arm Tattoo

Flower Arm Tattoo
Source: @___soil

5. Flower Tattoo 2020

Flower Tattoo 2020
Source: @dearpony

6. Flower Tattoo Designs

Flower Tattoo Designs
Source: @__e.dam__

7. Flower Tattoo Ideas

Flower Tattoo Ideas
Source: @daldam__

8. Flower Tattoo with Line Work

Flower Tattoo with Line Work
Source: @repereauxloups

9. Korean Flower Tattoo

Korean Flower Tattoo
Source: @dobby.house

10. Little Flash Flower

Little Flash Flower
Source: @sarahcrowderart

11. Mandala Tattoo

Mandala Tattoo
Source: @miakim1984

12. Moon Flower

Moon Flower
Source: @714.tattooer

13. Single Rose

Single Rose
Source: @francois_ft_art

14. Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflower Tattoo
Source: @flowers.tattooist

15. Best Flower Tattoo

Best Flower Tattoo
Source: @angelmartinotattoo

16. Black and Grey Tattoo

Black and Grey Tattoo
Source: @samtattooer2

17. Black Work Tattoo

Black Work Tattoo
Source: @valcastt

18. Blue Flower Tattoo

Blue Flower Tattoo
Source: @evhyev

19. Color Ankle Tattoo

Color Ankle Tattoo
Source: @jenna.boleyn

20. Cute Rose Tattoo

Cute Rose Tattoo
Source: @tattsbycookie

21. Floral Shoulder Tattoo

Floral Shoulder Tattoo
Source: @shadesofgreytattoo

22. Floral Tattoo

Floral Tattoo
Source: @winterhalo

23. Flower and Moon

Flower and Moon
Source: @aeri_tattoo

24. Flower Tattoo

Flower Tattoo 2
Source: @mariahsk

25. Inked Girls

Inked Girls
Source: @tatuadorbill

26. Old Line Flower Tattoo

Old Line Flower Tattoo
Source: @goldenhorseshoetattoo

27. Plant Tattoo

Plant Tattoo
Source: @jinsol_tattoo

28. Purple Succulents

Purple Succulents
Source: @artscab

29. Black and Grey Tattoo

Black and Grey Tattoo 1
Source: @garryfineline

30. Color Flower Tattoo

Color Flower Tattoo 1
Source: @zarahbunnyink

31. Deflower Tattoo

Deflower Tattoo
Source: @derlowetattoo

32. Fine Line Tattoo

Fine Line Tattoo
Source: @cestarius.ink

33. Floral Tattoo Fine Line

Floral Tattoo Fine Line
Source: @raeatwoodtattoos

34. Flower Porn

Flower Porn
Source: @alida_artist

35. Flower Tattoo with Fine Line

Flower Tattoo with Fine Line
Source: @_gjaw

36. House and Flowers

House and Flowers
Source: @tephillah

37. Japanese Flower Tattoo

Japanese Flower Tattoo
Source: @wen_lein

38. Little Sunflower

Little Sunflower
Source: @lovatattooer

39. Lotus Tattoo

Lotus Tattoo
Source: @bleucalyptustattoo

40. Magnolia Tattoo Design

Magnolia Tattoo Design
Source: @hinstzart

41. Peony Flower Tattoo

Peony Flower Tattoo
Source: @renee_saketattoocrew

42. Pink Tattoo

Pink Tattoo
Source: @eli_tattoo_prague

43. Plant Tattoo

Plant Tattoo 1
Source: @kelseyvoykintattoo

44. Realism Tattoo

Realism Tattoo
Source: @bigfish.tattoostudio

45. Red Flower Tattoo

Red Flower Tattoo
Source: @alexdepasestorescervignano

46. Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo
Source: @fleetwoodtattoos

47. Seynod Tattoo

Seynod Tattoo
Source: @_skinink

48. Small Flower Tattoo

Small Flower Tattoo
Source: @simwerks

49. Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflower Tattoo 1
Source: @romainberthome

50. Traditional Tattoo

Traditional Tattoo
Source: @boldtraditionstattoo

51. Fineline Tattoo

Fineline Tattoo
Source: @botanicalfer

52. Floral Tattoo Link Work

Floral Tattoo Link Work
Source: @black.peony.ink

53. Red Tattoo

Red Tattoo
Source: @k00rwica.tattoo

54. Wildflower Tattoo

Wildflower Tattoo
Source: @rebeccatattoo