50+ Hottest Christmas Nails Design to Inspire You This Holiday

Christmas is one of the special times of the year, so it’s a great opportunity to enjoy a fabulous Christmas manicure. Everyone has a different way to celebrate the festival. Some all go out, wear a different “ugly” Christmas sweater every day in December, dress in more light in the lobby (and beyond) than in Paris, and wear perfect hats at night. New Year’s Eve. Others prefer a more subtle approach that barely balances on the traditional seasonal reds and greens and prefers the bright signs of festivals on their faces. The same goes for the Christmas manicure.

Christmas Nail Art: What’s More Interesting? Now that you’ve chosen your makeup and hairstyle for the Christmas party, it’s time to put your nails together. You can choose decorations and colors to call it “Christmas” or just add a little lightning bolt to a manicure. Even if the French manicure looks like Christmas when you add shiny silvery-white tips.

If you imagine your nails covered in three-dimensional lucky patterns, perhaps Santa with a cotton beard and all his reindeer, with pointed antlers and Rudolph’s bare nose, don’t flinch. Prefer a simple silver dress that you wear until 2021? Your polishing options are endless.

1. Beary Merry Christmas

Beary Merry Christmas
Source: @nailpromagazine

2. Boho Christmas Nails

Boho Christmas Nails
Source: @jill.does.nails

3. Candy Canes Christmas Trees

Candy Canes Christmas Trees
Source: @abbydoesnails

4. Fairy Light Nude Nails

Fairy Light Nude Nails
Source: @nailsbyemmaleeds

5. Gel X Medium Coffin

Gel X Medium Coffin
Source: @nailss_byniaa

6. Green Nails

Green Nails
Source: @js.naails

7. Pastel Christmas Nails

Pastel Christmas Nails
Source: @gaudyoctopus

8. Rainbow Christmas Nails

Rainbow Christmas Nails
Source: @vanessa.nailart

9. Snow Flake Nails

Snow Flake Nails
Source: @narissas.nails

10. Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather
Source: @whobrenda_

11. The Grinch meets The Cat in the Hat

The Grinch meets The Cat in the Hat
Source: @yarisartistry

12. The Grinch

The Grinch
Source: @nailart_bygracie

13. Blue Nails

Blue Nails
Source: @secrets_de_beaute_by_mirella

14. Christmas Acrylic Nails

Christmas Acrylic Nails
Source: @celestialnails.cnab

15. Christmas Nails

Christmas Nails
Source: @thenailpalace44

16. Gel Polish Nails

Gel Polish Nails
Source: @nailsbythai

17. Hand Painted Christmas Nails

Hand Painted Christmas Nails
Source: @omela_beautybar

18. Hand Painted Nails

Hand Painted Nails
Source: @dulcenailsprinkles

19. Hand Painted Snowflakes

Hand Painted Snowflakes
Source: @nailwiz.liz

20. Mickey Mouse Inspired Christmas Nails

Mickey Mouse Inspired Christmas Nails
Source: @baddie_nailsbyapril

21. Red Christmas Nails

Red Christmas Nails
Source: @thedesiredonee

22. Red Nail Polish

Red Nail Polish
Source: @gingerbellnails

23. Rose and Gold Nails

Rose and Gold Nails
Source: @rg_jenn

24. Short Blue Nails

Short Blue Nails
Source: @nailssbymonicaa

25. Snow Flakes Nails

Snow Flakes Nails
Source: @blissnailbartx

26. Xmas Nails

Xmas Nails
Source: @nc_nails_company

27. Blue and Silver Nails

Blue and Silver Nails
Source: @nailedbystephh_

28. Blue Snowman

Blue Snowman
Source: @letspurplle

29.Christmas Acrylics Nails

Christmas Acrylics Nails
Source: @devraa2.0

30. Green Nails

Green Nails 1
Source: @__nailsbykenia

31. Green Xmas Nails

Green Xmas Nails
Source: @nailsby_greti

32. Holiday Nails

Holiday Nails
Source: @nailsbysoleil

33. Long Nails

Long Nails
Source: @m_a_nailss

34. Nude Christmas Nails

Nude Christmas Nails
Source: @cassyluxdiaz

35. Ombre Nail

Ombre Nail
Source: @jmsgels

36. Pink Christmas Nails

Pink Christmas Nails
Source: @leannenails

37. Pink Christmas

Pink Christmas
Source: @polishing_is_passion

38. Red Chrismas Nails

Red Chrismas Nails
Source: @_cultureaddicts_

39. Red Nails

Red Nails
Source: @gloss_spa

40. Winter Christmas Nails

Winter Christmas Nails
Source: @ludyynails

41. Winter Nails

Winter Nails
Source: @ludyynails

42. Black and White Acrylic Nails

Black and White Acrylic Nails
Source: @enterthenailrealm

43. Blue Nails

Blue Nails 1
Source: @nailsbydeketra

44. Burberry Christmas Set

Burberry Christmas Set
Source: @nailedbyjaxx

45. Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020
Source: @glam.nails_bytammy

46. Christmas Nails

Christmas Nails 1
Source: @superior_nail_studio

47. Cute Christmas Nails

Cute Christmas Nails
Source: @blessed_granmama

48. Green Nails

Green Nails 2
Source: @nailsbyles702

49. Long Nude Nails

Long Nude Nails
Source: @gina_nails

50. Matte black for Christmas

Matte black for Christmas
Source: @christy_polished_nails

51. Nude Christmas Nails

Nude Christmas Nails 1
Source: @tinyshouseofbeauty

52. Red Christmas Nails

Red Christmas Nails 1
Source: @nailssbym.itzii

53. Red Natural Nails

Red Natural Nails
Source: @mariyanails_regina