50 Pretty Finger Tattoos Ideas for Women for 2021

Finger tattoos are very delicate and sexy, finger tattoos can be among the most beautiful and concise in body art, conveying symbolic meaning and importance in a small space. Whether you choose simple images or more complex miniature works of art, you have a wonderful opportunity to convey your passion, belief and beauty.

Finger tattoos are more painful because there is no muscle or fat between the skin and the bone, where many nerves are located. But, unlike some placements, pain is not an experience. Finger tattoos need to be updated regularly because our daily actions cause the ink to fade easily.

Finger tattoos come in a variety of designs and sizes. You can choose a subtle finger tattoo, with small symbols or letters, or you can choose a finger tattoo that requires you to touch the entire finger. To help you choose the best finger tattoo design, here are some exciting finger tattoo ideas that you will love and that will beautify your fingers forever.

We love these tattoos and we think you will too. That’s why we’ve collected 50 of the best finger tattoo ideas for women. From famous quotes to beautiful flowers to animal art, anyone can create.

1. Butterfly Finger Tattoo

Butterfly Finger Tattoo
Credit: @pureum_tattoo

2. Butterfly Finger Tattoo

Butterfly Finger Tattoo 1
Credit: @witchinghourink

3. Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo
Credit: @banndi_tattoo

4. Cross Finger Tattoo

Cross Finger Tattoo
Credit: @emilylazartetattoo

5. Crown Finger Tattoo

Crown Finger Tattoo
Credit: @uglypena

6. Fine Line Finger Tattoo

Fine Line Finger Tattoo
Credit: @lukewintriptattooartist

7. Fine Line Heart Tattoo

Fine Line Heart Tattoo
Credit: @ssukim_tattoo

8. Finger Tattoo Line Work

Finger Tattoo Line Work
Credit: @manentattoo

9. Light Finger Tattoo

Light Finger Tattoo
Credit: @lighthouse_professional_tattoo

10. Mini Tattoo

Mini Tattoo
Credit: @g9in_xoxo

12. Music Finger Tattoo

Music Finger Tattoo
Credit: @mirandapokes

13. Peace Heart

Peace Heart
Credit: @sinbar_tattoo

14. Plant Tattoo

Plant Tattoo
Credit: @inkclaud

15. Small Flower Tattoo

Small Flower Tattoo
Credit: @tattooist_dang

16. Small Heart Tattoos

Small Heart Tattoos
Credit: @kellcunningham.tattoo

17. Small Ink Tattoo

Small Ink Tattoo
Credit: @bob_antypas

18. Small Tattoos

Small Tattoos
Credit: @tattooer_geomi

19. Sun Ornament

Sun Ornament
Credit: @keyatattoo

20. Touch Up Tattoo

Touch Up Tattoo
Credit: @alexandrianortiz

21. Zodiac Tattoo

Zodiac Tattoo
Credit: @luimalui

22. Art Finger Tattoo

Art Finger Tattoo
Credit: @bbyphnux

23. CHANGER Finger Tattoo

CHANGER Finger Tattoo
Credit: @hyun__tattoo

24. Cross Finger Tattoo

Cross Finger Tattoo 2
Credit: @kitsch_tattooer

25. Cross Finger Tattoo

Cross Finger Tattoo 1
Credit: @cristinacristomadrid

26. Fine Line Tattoo

Fine Line Tattoo
Credit: @lime_tattoo

27. Finger Tattoo

Finger Tattoo
Credit: @nagelwerk9o

28. Fire Finger Tattoo

Fire Finger Tattoo
Credit: @moi_marston

29. Hand Tattoo

Hand Tattoo
Credit: @tattooer_geomi

30. Heart Tattoo

Heart Tattoo
Credit: @tattooist_ziixuu

31. Moon Tattoo

Moon Tattoo
Credit: @g9in_ttt

32. Number 22 Tattoo

Number 22 Tattoo
Credit: @damkstudio

33. Plant Color Tattoo

Plant Color Tattoo
Credit: @haslein_tattoo

34. Point Finger Tattoo

Point Finger Tattoo
Credit: @sinbar_tattoo

35. Simple and Clear

Simple and Clear
Credit: @sasha.yurieva

36. Smiley Tattoo

Smiley Tattoo
Credit: @inked.by.k

37. Stick Finger Tattoo

Stick Finger Tattoo
Credit: @chikchikpokepoke

38. Valentines Day

Valentines Day
Credit: @madeleinetattoos

39. Wolf Finger Tattoo

Wolf Finger Tattoo
Credit: @louizamariedesigns

40. 707 Tattoo

707 Tattoo
Credit: @ocrb_tattoo

41. Art Finger Tattoo

Art Finger Tattoo 1
Credit: @erica_tats

42. Black Tattoo

Black Tattoo
Credit: @tony_da_rocha

43. Blue Moon Tattoo

Blue Moon Tattoo
Credit: @ssukim_tattoo

44. Eye Tattoo

Eye Tattoo
Credit: @la_nadia_boho

45. Heart Tattoo
Heart Tattoo 1
46. Mini Tattoo

Mini Tattoo 1
Credit: @tattoo_an

47. Red Moon Tattoo

Red Moon Tattoo
Credit: @tattooist_woodi

48. The Moon and Back

The Moon and Back
Credit: @dziabnieta

49. Tiny Tattoo

Tiny Tattoo
Credit: @nieun_tat2

50. Wine Glass Tattoo

Wine Glass Tattoo
Credit: @filoisback