50 Pretty Pink Nail Designs for Summer 2020

Nail art is something that will give your look more charm even if you have worn a simple outfit. Pink is the color most girls love for its smoothness and softness. You can easily find the feminine connection around you that likes pink accessories, laptops, cell phones, lipstick, and even nail polish.

Pink always creates a beautiful and great contrast with black. So try it on your nails. You can make a base of pink lacquer and make patterns or dots or lines of black color.

With light pink nails, you can use the color for any occasion and make it unique by adding nails! To inspire you. There are shiny nails, shady nails, cool nail designs, and much more. If you think you’ve exhausted all the pretty pink nail designs, think again!

Pretty Pink Nail Designs for Summer 2020 01
Source: Instagram @agaligus
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