52 Trendy Pixie Haircuts You Will Love 2020

Short hair is an option for style and expression as much as bold lipstick or nail polish. However, getting a full elf can be intimidating. Fortunately, celebrities have filmed shorter pieces with open arms, either for a role in a movie, in honor of a new season, or just because they wanted to do it, which means you have enough symbols to inspire you.

A pixie haircut not only places the face in the front and center, but also considerably shortens the styling time. And, contrary to what is often thought (and completely outdated), any kind of facial and hair texture can cause a sprite.

Tipping a short pixie haircut is brave, but well worth paying. Pixie cutting is not only completely elegant, but they are also often stress-free, which means that you can save a lot of time in the morning.

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Source: Instagram @camiloenlapelu
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