Best Coffin Nails Ideas to Copy: Short & Long Collection

Making beautiful coffin nails is one of the hottest trends today. You can make long and short coffin nails to suit your style. There are tons of celebrities these days showing off coffin nails like everything else. These nail designs require little maintenance and look versatile. The curved box nails are straightened before being polished and dazzled, giving them a creative touch.

The idea of ​​coffin nails is fast becoming the most popular manicure trend and is now making rapid progress everywhere. This style requires long nails, allows filing on both sides, softens the tip, also known as coffin ballerinas. These elegant nails make everything look great. We all love ballet nails suitable for any occasion. Fortunately, if you don’t have long nails, you can use acrylic ballerina nails to show off this great type of manicure.

Are you thinking about creating nails, but can’t find the perfect nail design? So here we are to help! We found 43 of the most popular coffin nails on Instagram. There are many different nail shapes, but today we chose coffin nails because they are easy to wear. You can have long nails without sharp points. This is one of the most popular ways.

1. Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails
Source: @nailed_by_steph

2. Baby Blue Nails

Baby Blue Nails
Source: @tipsandtoesoc

3. Blue Coffin Nail

Blue Coffin Nailsl
Source: @amazing_nailsfeed1

4. Blues Greys

Blues Greys
Source: @i.o.k0

5. Chrome Nails

Chrome Nails
Source: @ginassincitynails

6. Glitter Nails

Glitter Nails
Source: @_slayedbyjayde

7. Modern Nail Designs

Modern Nail Designs
Source: @_beaautynaails

8. Pico Rivera Nails

Pico Rivera Nails
Source: @annie_nailz

9. Pink Gel Polish

Pink Gel Polish
Source: @nails_by_leanne_

10. Pink Sparkle Nails

Pink Sparkle Nails
Source: @beauteavenue_

11. Soft Gel Nails

Soft Gel Nails
Source: @latenight_nails

12. White Coffin Nails

White Coffin Nails
Source: @nailsdaily14

13. Winter Coffin Nails

Winter Coffin Nails
Source: @makeup_baj

14. Xmas Nail Art

Xmas Nail Art
Source: @aleashas_nails_xx

15. 3D Flower Nails

3D Flower Nails
Source: @nananails_and_spa

16. 805 Nails

805 Nails
Source: @nailedbybianca

17. Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails 1
Source: @doseofdebbie

18. Almond Nails

Almond Nails
Source: @alexis_nailsdesign

19. Blue Acrylic Nails

Blue Acrylic Nails
Source: @nailedbybianca

20. Blue Coffin Nails

Blue Coffin Nails
Source: @tomtr_nails

21. Cute Nail Designs

Cute Nail Designs
Source: @veronicas_nail_art

22. Green Glossy Nails

Green Glossy Nails
Source: @looksbynessa

23. Light Pink Nails

Light Pink Nails
Source: @nailssliving

24. Long Coffin Nails

Long Coffin Nails
Source: @nailsbytriris

25. Long Glitter Nails

Long Glitter Nails
Source: @longmiami83

26. Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails
Source: @enchanted_nailboutique

27. Purple Nails

Purple Nails
Source: @klawed_by_katey

28. Snake Crocodile

Snake Crocodile
Source: @marianasnailss

29. Soft Clouds and Rainbows

Soft Clouds and Rainbows
Source: @nailsbykaylsdbn

30. Unicorn Nails

Unicorn Nails
Source: @_polishednaails

31. White Coffin Nails

White Coffin Nails 1
Source: @_nails_by.k

32. Blue Coffin Nails

Blue Coffin Nails
Source: @timmy_1992

33. Blue Snow Flakes

Blue Snow Flakes
Source: @lalas_nail_lounge

34. Coffin Nails Art

Coffin Nails Art
Source: @josspina.beautyroom

35. Coffin Nails

Coffin Nails
Source: @vixxen_nailz

36. Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails 1
Source: @nails.annie

37. Pastel Nails

Pastel Nails
Source: @nailsandbeautylounge_brandon

38. Snow Flakes Christmas Nails

Snow Flakes Christmas Nails
Source: @nailartbyruby

39. Twinkle Twinkle Winter Nails

Twinkle Twinkle Winter Nails
Source: @msannie.nails

40. Young Nails

Young Nails
Source: @naildesignbyholly