Best French Manicures You Can’t Miss for 2021

French manicures were considered “old-fashioned” for a while, but not anymore. In fact, the old trend exploded in 2020: since then it has evolved from the original pink, white and nude pieces to a myriad of creative, colorful variations. By Ombr é By rainbow, nail lovers may feel like they’ve read it all – but if you fall into this category, don’t despair.

Does it look good now? Glittery French manicures is, as the name suggests, with glittery French manicures. Depending on your preference, this can mean a flashy base with a colored tip or a simple base with a flashy tip. Either way, it’s an easy trick to make your nails look big and shiny. At this time of year, it’s also a good idea to bring out the sleeve of a sweater. Unlike classic white and pale pink, 2021 will definitely be all about oversized trends. If you need more convincing, check out the coolest flash French manicure ideas on Instagram.

The French nail is a timeless manicure. The traditional white tip design is still a favorite among women. Thanks to modern art and technology, the design can evolve over time to match current trends. French manicures are just the beginning of truly unique nails. Any woman can take this idea and make it her own. For any important event, the design can be adapted to your outfit without simplifying it.

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