Best Spring 2020 Nail Designs Looks Great

It may not sound like that, but spring is almost here. When you turn your down jacket into a denim jacket, you also need to find the time to change your nail polish wardrobe. Not sure what you need to replace your red wine, your metallic vacations and your midnight blues?

The runways in the spring of 2020 were an important inspiration for manicure, from wild prints from the 80s to a new look for French manicure. The coolest nail art also seems to inspire your next date in the salon, just like the nail polish you need to get exactly the same look.

What is your manicure for the new season? What does spring bring you? Spring seems to bring everyone back to life. The trees grow and the flower blooms. Everything will be new again. The manicure must also be new for girls! Spring nail art can be designed with the theme of spring.

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Source: Instagram @b_dazzledbeauty
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