Best Trending Pixie Cuts You Neet to Try for 2019

There is nothing more refreshing than a bold pixie haircut. The common mistake is that you have to have a face shape to improve the appearance. Despite the widespread belief, anyone can make a gnome because his court is very versatile. What is really important is the style. Cutting centimeters of hair in favor of the overlapping appearance may require some courage, but it is worth it.

A pixie haircut is the embodiment of the classic Kurzaar frisher. This is a short haircut because Joan of Arc and celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn or Emma Watson have taken the elegant short hairstyle with stunning style. We would all lie if we didn’t give up at some point (probably when we fought on a hot summer day with a hair dryer and a hair dryer), we played with the idea of ​​cutting a gnome.

A pixie haircut may seem like a daunting prospect, but trust us once you’ve decided on the super short haircut, luckily your long curls will be forgotten. A look as stifled as indignant, wearing nothing more than the scissors at the old end to keep you cooler. And what could be better than during a heat wave when we are literally looking for a colder look.

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Source: Instagram @thecutlife
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