Cool Duck Nails Design Ideas To Improve Your Beauty

The newest nail trend surprises everyone: duck nails. This new style, also known as exposed nails, creates a wide and wide nail tip that is sometimes wider than the nail bed. The result is a kind of triangular shape, similar to the legs of a duck.

It is very likely that everyone had duck nails, but they just didn’t know they were called that. Every time you leave a shower or a bath, you have these nails. Duck nails are the soft and foldable nails that you have after coming out of the water. It’s that simple!

The nails of the duck legs enable us to ask how someone works there. The idea of writing or putting on rings has already frustrated us, but if you are tired of accidentally sticking to your ultra-sharp yet fashionable manicure, duck nails might be for you!

Source: Instagram @cbcnails
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