Drink Juice Everyday will Bring You Lots of Benefits?

Many people imagine that drinking natural juice every day will bring them lots of benefits, but it’s not like that in reality.

A lot of people also believe that juices will help them lose weight. According to research that analyzed health information of more than 187 thousand men and women in a 24-year period, the result was very surprising. As reported by the study published by British Medical Journal, the habit of drinking one or more cups of juice every day increases in up to 21% the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

Drink Juice Everyday will Bring You Lots of Benefits


Did you know that? The problem isn’t in the fruits, but in how people make their juices. In most cases, peels are removed, and with them, fiber. When fiber is removed from food, sugar is released into the bloodstream faster than in comparison with the whole fruit, unpeeled. So, according to this data, the World Health Organization recommends that adults should drink no more than 5 oz of juice per day. In addition to this, many studies indicate that because juices are liquid, it’s easier to consume big amounts of calories, which can contribute to weight gain.

So, if you still want to drink your favorite juice, make it with the peels, without straining. You can also mix with seeds rich in fiber, like chia or flaxseed. When your juice has some fiber in it, the absorption is slowed down, but you will still ingest excess calories, because it’s easier to consume it. However, it’s better than the traditional juice. It’s worth highlighting that, juices gives us vitamins, but have to be consumed with care. And since you are going to consume it with the peel, choose orgainic foods.