Healthy Eating During Pregnancy You Should Know

Having a baby means you might have cravings for chocalate cake, french fries or other foods you’re told to stay away from. The fact is, you need the right balance of food and nutrients. What are the key nutrients you need?

Folate. It helps your body make more blood. That’s important in your first trimester because it helps prevent birth defects. Get it through foods like citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables, beans and pasta.

Calcium. It builds strong bones in your baby. Yogurt has it, so does milk and cheese. Consume 3 cups of dairy each day to meet your needs. Almonds, soybeans, and kale all have calcium, too.


Protein. The powerful nutrient! It’s in meat, poultry, fish, and eggs. It helps your body build and maintain new tissue. It’s also in nuts, lentils, and soy.

So remember, eat the right balance of foods and nutrients, your baby will thank you.