Hottest Wave Tattoo Designs and Ideas with Winning Looks 2021

Do you like the sea, water and adventure? A tough golf body is therefore perfect to show your passion. The sound of the waves on the sand is very calm and relaxing. The waves can be as calm or aggressive as human emotions. A simple wave tattoo can have the deepest meaning. People get wave tattoos because they have a strong connection to the ocean.

If you want something simple and magical in all dimensions, you should consider the wave tattoo. Waves are one of the most satisfying things. They are beautiful, but they can also be terrible. The waves provide excitement, inspiration, magical feeling and tranquility. Watch the waves relax your soul. The sound it makes is a pleasure to the ears. Those who cling to the ocean have fallen in love with the waves.

If you are looking for a wave tattoo idea, you should read this article. This page will take you to the best wave tattoos with their true and hidden meanings. You will also find the perfect place for the wavy tattoo in this article. Check out these popular wave tattoo ideas for 2021.

1. Black Ink Tattoo

Black Ink Tattoo
Credit: @lotty_ink

2. Black Wave

Black Wave
Credit: @11010937a

3. Blue Wave Tattoo

Blue Wave Tattoo
Credit: @soonthatgood

4. Colorful Wave Tattoo

Colorful Wave Tattoo
Credit: @alldaytattoo

5. Ocean Vibes

Ocean Vibes
Credit: @blacklotus_tattoos

6. Small Wave Tattoo

Small Wave Tattoo
Credit: @som__tattoo

7. Water and Black Water Tattoo

Water and Black Water Tattoo.
Credit: @graycodetattoo

8. Wave and Beach Tattoo

Wave and Beach Tattoo
Credit: @henriartetattoo

9. Wave and Mountain Tattoo

Wave and Mountain Tattoo
Credit: @creations.of.lily

10. Wave Ocean

Wave Ocean
Credit: @jayhan_tattoo

11. Wave Tattoo

Wave Tattoo
Credit: @bbg_tattoo

12. Black Work Tattoo

Black Work Tattoo 1
Credit: @barbarroja_tattoo

13. Blue Wave Tattoo

Blue Wave Tattoo 1
Credit: @hydrogen_syuso

14. Color Ink Wave Tattoo

Color Ink Wave Tattoo
Credit: @timelessinktoronto

15. Cute Tattoos

Cute Tattoos
Credit: @gemicco

16. Japanese Tattoo

Japanese Tattoo
Credit: @blanca.artspace

17. Kanagawa Wave

Kanagawa Wave
Credit: @acos_tattoo

18. Leg Wave Tattoo

Leg Wave Tattoo
Credit: @mastilnicatattoo

19. Mini Wave Tattoo

Mini Wave Tattoo
Credit: @seora_tattoo

20. Small Pearl Tattoo

Small Pearl Tattoo
Credit: @tattooist_mel

21. Small Wave Tattoos

Small Wave Tattoos
Credit: @jerzi_ink

22. Watercolour Wave and Moon

Watercolour Wave and Moon
Credit: @takeme2atlantis

23. Wave Brooch

Wave Brooch
Credit: @tattooist_j.vell

24. Wave Line Tattoo

Wave Line Tattoo
Credit: @sartoriadellinchiostroblk

25. Wave Tattoo 2021

Wave Tattoo 2021
Credit: @raebeat_tattoo

26. Wave Tattoo

Wave Tattoo 1
Credit: @inkbyjoowei

27. Black Ink Wave

Black Ink Wave
Credit: @blancamediavilla

28. Black Wave Tattoo

Black Wave Tattoo
Credit: @demoniart

29. Blue Water Tattoo

Blue Water Tattoo
Credit: @blackscorpion13

30. Blue Wave Tattoo

Blue Wave Tattoo 2
Credit: @david_oneill_tattooing

31. Color Wave Tattoo

Color Wave Tattoo
Credit: @venomtattoo.camden

32. Great Wave Tattoo

Great Wave Tattoo

33. Heart Tattoo

Heart Tattoo
Credit: @heis_tw

34. Japanese Wave Tattoo

Japanese Wave Tattoo

35. Ride the Wave

Ride the Wave
Credit: @chucho_ramirez

36. Shining Sun Tattoo

Shining Sun Tattoo
Credit: @zmfreespirit

37. Wave Tattoo

Wave Tattoo 2
Credit: @dugichase