How to DIY a Layered Bob Style

Being able to DIY and cut bob with layers is a great way to keep your hair fresh without having to go to the salon, saving you money. With a little patience and a few simple steps, you can create the style you want.

Step 1 – Part Your hair
Comb through all your hair and undo the knots as if you were creating a ponytail at your neck. From this starting position, you can proceed to part your hair. First make a parting from the forehead to the middle of the neck, and then make another parting from ear to ear so that the hair is divided into 4 sections.

Secure the top two sections of hair with clips so they don’t get in the way when manipulating the rest of the hair. Separate the hair so that there is a section about 1 cm thick on the sides closest to the first separation. Brush this section after cutting the rest of the hair.

Step 2 – Create A Basic Bob Shape
To achieve a layered bob, you must first start with a basic bob. To create a basic bob shape, start with a free section of this hair and apply some tension with your fingers and a comb. After pulling the comb to the desired length, use it as a guide to carefully cut the hair in straight lines. Once the cut is complete, use it as a guide to follow this technique by cutting more sections until the entire back and sides of the hair are cut to the same length.

Step 3 – Dividing the Top Section
The top section of the hair is the most important part when cutting the multi-layered bob. Loosen the clip and hold the top 2 sections so that half of the hair section can be separated by an inch on each side. Comb these 2 sections toward the face and clip the rest of the hair.

Step 4 – Adding layers
Start with 2 sections to add layers. Use the same technique as above to add tension, and use your fingers and a comb as a guide to cut straight horizontal lines. The length depends on how long you want to give the first layer. It should be between the length of the bangs and the back of the hair you cut earlier. Continue cutting small sections of the hair and repeat the technique until the entire top section is even to create the layered bob effect.

Step 5 – Finishing
Brush your hair back and part it how you want it to fall. Keep a close eye on the style and make sure it’s tight. If you find locks of hair that have fallen out, gently move them with your fingers and use a comb as a guide to blend them into the rest of the Layered Bob style.

Here are 10 layered bob hairstyles below:

1. Layered Bob with Baby Highlights

Layered Bob with Baby Highlights
Layered Bob with Baby Highlights2
Layered Bob with Baby Highlights3

It is so cool with some highlights that make you prettier, of course, you can wear glasses, the modelling that does not affect you in fashionable while increasing intellectual beauty.

2. Purple Balayage

Purple Balayage

She used PulpRiot, CHI & Paul Mitchell… all purples. The blend is beautiful, it masked her natural just enough to blend it flawlessly.

3. Blonde Layered Bob

Blonde Layered Bob

You can consider this style when your hair is thin and straight, and a simple side part won’t take much time to maintain in the busy morning, and, you can do other great colors like pink, blue, or even gray!

4. Shaggy Layered Bob

Shaggy Layered Bob

Do you love these hairs? Shaggy style with purple and yellow highlights, it can make you unique.

5. Red Layered Bob

Red Layered Bob

Roots: Socolor 2:1 4MR + 5RR+ & 10 vol
Length: Socolor Sync 6RV+ & 6RC+ equal parts

6. Blonde Bob Curtain Bangs

Blonde Bob Curtain Bangs

This is so cute and fresh, the best part is that this style works for any season, whether it’s cold winter or hot summer, you don’t need to change too much.

7. Vintage Layered Bob

Vintage Layered Bob

She looks so beautiful and given every one of us to be more confident, to be happy with who we are, and sometimes a little haircut can change the world! If she can, why don’t you consider this classic layered bob style?

8. Side Parting Bob

Side Parting Bob

A brilliant teenager who likes to play with fashion. Hair is a reflection of style for her. I love when she’s my model. She is extraordinary and courageous. Unlike his peers, he is not afraid to wear bold and creative hairstyles!

9. Silver Layered Bob

Silver Layered Bob

Silver is not only suitable for older women, fashionable young girls can also dye this color, sometimes it can give you strong confidence, whether you’re at the gym, or at work, or at a party.

10. Short Layered Bob

Short Layered Bob

The transformation changed your move and groove, we all love texture, and it works well in short, medium, or long hair.