Incredible Short Hair with Bangs That You Must Try 2021

Hairstyles with bangs are current and fresh, getting bangs can be a fun and exciting way to update your hairstyle. Bangs are definitely in 2020, and we’ve rounded up dozens of great ways to wear this trend every day. What is the explosive short style for women in 2021? It remains a combination of the new style and some of our old favorites. Short bangs create a stylish look, but can also be combined with an edgy look.

Short hair is for a personal style, don’t carry such a heavy load on your head. Some people may think that if you decide to open your lock you can’t get many styles, but guys are wrong. Boost your short hair type, add an explosive blend, upgrade your style and make all your friends envy you with a cool new look.

Bangs are flirty and fun – they’re for everyone! The hairstyle just doesn’t look complete. Don’t jump. Add flair to any hairstyle and it will look classy. If you are looking for short hair, you can choose between the popular short hair and the explosive bangs (side bangs, blunt bangs, etc.)

1. Black Short Hair

Black Short Hair
Source: @_nadia_stefanska_

2. Blunt Bob Hair Cut

Blunt Bob Hair Cut
Source: @bangsandstyle

3. Blunt Fringe

Blunt Fringe
Source: @chloeise

4. Fresh Look for Spring

Fresh Look for Spring
Source: @shamrock1088

5. Light Blue Bob

Light Blue Bob
Source: @samploskonka

6. Pink Eye Shadow

Pink Eye Shadow
Source: @jborowskaa

7. Pink Hair Color

Pink Hair Color
Source: @chloemichelecontent

8. Short Bob with Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs
Source: @mlle_jasminmacrae

9. Short Hair 2021

Short Hair 2021
Source: @sevrenkay

10. Short Hair with Bangs

Short Hair with Bangs 2
Source: @nanda.vm

11. Short Hair with Bangs

Short Hair with Bangs
Source: @daniellelevinson

12. Short Hair

Short Hair
Source: @angelika_gibula

13. Short Hairstyle

Short Hairstyle
Source: @nanda.vm

14. Short Wavy Bob

Short Wavy Bob 1
Source: @macaronmasako

15. Soft Girl Style

Soft Girl Style
Source: @teens_.inspo_

16. Vintage Looks

Vintage Looks
Source: @caren_mansourr

17. Vintage Style

Vintage Style
Source: @caren_mansourr

18. Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair
Source: @kristindawnmejia

19. Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair
Source: @alexielabelle

20. Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs
Source: @athenabeerkat

21. Bob Cut

Bob Cut
Source: @breannadimartino

22. Brown Hair with Bangs

Brown Hair with Bangs
Source: @frk_eriksen_

23. Curly Waves

Curly Waves 1
Source: @crazyforuuus

24. Fresh Chop

Fresh Chop
Source: @charlottejewer

25. Heavy Bangs

Heavy Bangs
Source: @bangsandstyle

26. Long Bob

Long Bob
Source: @curtinhosbr

27. Pink Hair

Pink Hair
Source: @rizzaknits

28. Pink Short Hair

Pink Short Hair
Source: @curtinhosbr

29. Short Black Bob

Short Black Bob
Source: @mlle_jasminmacrae

30. Short Bob Hair

Short Bob Hair
Source: @mlle_jasminmacrae

31. Short Hair with Bangs

Short Hair with Bangs 1
Source: @curtinhosbr

32. Winter Short Hair

Winter Short Hair
Source: @marinedegotte