Pretty Winter Nail Designs and Art Ideas in the Holiday Spirit

So far this year’s winter has been very punctual: December is only five days, and many of us got out of the Thanksgiving coma and bought Christmas presents (with the massive e-commerce on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, of course when we got to the first storm season came.

On any other day of the year, the holidays are over, but you still feel happy. So why not drop the happy tunes while decorating your nails? Whether you want to do it yourself or for a job, you will find the best winter nail color and design here that you will enjoy. Choosing which nail design you want can be tricky with so many options! If you don’t know and are trying to decide which design to use, try a seasonal design – winter nails, because it’s cold outside.

Winter nail design has a variety of themes and shines with all kinds of colors. This season, use red, green, blue, white and gold stones for manicures. Every woman wants to look good in all climates. Beautiful nails give us this opportunity, even when the clothes we wear go out to hide all the beauty. Our winter nail collection guarantees your inspiration.

1. Black and Nude Nails

Black and Nude Nails
Source: @viktoriad_nails

2. Blue Christmas Nails

Blue Christmas Nails
Source: @mmnails5

3. Christmas Nails

Christmas Nails

4. Designer Butterflies

Designer Butterflies
Source: @nailpromagazine

5. Natural Nails

Natural Nails
Source: @shmailshmolish

6. Nude Nails

Nude Nails 1
Source: @matuszewsk.a

7. Perfect Nails

Perfect Nails
Source: @ujvary_aneta

8. Pink Nail

Pink Nail
Source: @homemade.shellac.nails

9. Red Nail

Red Nail
Source: @magdalatka_abagroup

10. Sparkle Nude

Sparkle Nude
Source: @nailpromagazine

11. Sweet Nails

Sweet Nails
Source: @nc_nails_company

12. White Nails

White Nails
Source: @matuszewsk.a

13. Winter Blue Nails

Winter Bloue Nails
Source: @zakolorovana_indigo_educator

14. Winter Brown Nails

Winter Brown Nails

15. Black Nail Polish

Black Nail Polish
Source: @all_mixed_up_lacquers

16. Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly
Source: @valleynailsmorenovalley

17. Blue Green

Blue green
Source: @thenailbazaar

18. Brown Nails

Brown Nails
Source: @_nailsbykat

19. Green Christmas

Green Christmas
Source: @roguelacquer

20. Nude Cream with Silver and Gold Flakies

Nude Cream with Silver and Gold Flakies
Source: @happily_polished

21. Pink and Yellow

Pink and Yellow
Source: @_nailsbykat

22. Snow Flakes

Snow Flakes
Source: @ashleybee888

23. Winter Gold Nails

Winter Gold Nails
Source: @beautyqueennails_

24. Winter Snow Flake

Winter Snow Flake
Source: @brendaa_nails

25. Wintery Combo

Wintery Combo
Source: @bewitchingbeaute

26. Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails 1
Source: @limabeautylounge

27. Blue Winter Nails

Blue Winter Nails
Source: @nugenesisnails

28. Christmas Purple

Christmas Purple
Source: @the_polished_life

29. Flower Nail

Flower Nail
Source: @akanails

30. Green Nails

Green Nails
Source: @isanailsx

31. Green Polish

Green Polish
Source: @happily_polished

32. Pretty Parcel Nails

Pretty Parcel Nails
Source: @nailzbyhailz

33. Short Purple Nail

Short Purple Nail
Source: @happily_polished

34. Snow Flake 2020

Snow Flake 2020
Source: @thenailbarnorth

35. Sweater Snow Flake Nails

Sweater Snow Flake Nails
Source: @taylormjmorrow

36. Winter Gel Nails

Winter Gel Nails
Source: @angelnailsbykinga

37. Winter Snow Flakes

Winter Snow Flakes
Source: @fashionfordays___

38. Red Plaid Nails

Red Plaid Nails
Source: @nails_by_tiffers