Smart Guide for Shopping Healthy Foods

Has this happened to you? You’ve gone shopping, spent your entire food budget, then realized you didn’t get what you needed to make healthy meals? How is this possible? What can you do to prevent this in the future? Here are 5 healthy shopping tips good for your family and your budget.


Tip 1

Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry. Have a light snack before you go like an apple or a handful of nuts.


Tip 2

Make a list, so you know what you need.


Tip 3

When choosing fruits and vegetables, get your children to help. Remember to fill your cart with a colorful rainbow of fruits and vegetables such as: Broccoli, onions, carrrots, cabbage, sweet potatoes, bananas, oranges, apple and other favorites to make sure your family gets all the nutrients they need. Choosing what’s in season can help keep costs low. If you can’t find what you need, check the frozen food aisle. Frozon fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious as fresh and better than canned. Now that you’ve got produce, you’ll need protein for dinner.

Smart Guide for Shopping Healthy Foods


Tip 4

Instead of buying a lot of read meat, choose more fish and chicken. One whole chicken can be used for several meals, like soup and tostadas. Take off the skin to make meals healthier, and grill or broil rather than fry.


Tip 5

Small changes in the dairy section can really add up. For example, buy regular milk and plain yogurt, not fruit yogurt which has a lot of sugar. Add your very own fruit on top.

By following these healthy shopping tips your familly and your wallet will thank you. Now let’s go home and cook a healthy meal!