Top 3 Healthy Eating Mistakes You’re Making

Clean eating is the key to vitality, but are you making these top 3 healthy eating mistakes?

#1 You think “organic” means healthy.

Just because something is made without chemical pesticides doesn’t mean it’s good for you. You have to look at the list of ingredients to determine a food’s nutritional value. And this goes for all the healthy buzzwords: All-Natural, Paleo, Free-Range… These labels are more about marketing than providing valuable information. So shop ingredients first, and labels second.

Healthy Eating

#2 You’re caught in a treat-binge-cleanse cycle.

Binging on junk food and then trying to clean up your act with a juice cleanse isn’t healthy. In fact, it could be the cause of your weight-loss plateau, lack of energy, chronic digestion issues, and even skin problems. Be consistent with your clean eating habits, and indulge in healthy options like fruit and dark chocolate.

#3 You’re following a diet instead of your intuition.

It’s nearly impossible to follow a rigid diet long-term. Denying yourself entire food groups (and foods that you genuinely enjoy) can be dangerous for both your physical and emotional health. Instead. ask yourself how each food choice serves you in the moment. Choose foods based on their nutritional value and whether you enjoy them or not, not whether they fit into a particular diet plan.